Our baby turns 4!

Being an August born baby Reuben has always celebrated his birthday in France. This year he's been so excited about turning 4 so we planned a proper little party, despite the fact that he and Jacob would be the only kids there.

We had balloons ready at the top of the stairs so that he saw them as soon as he left his room in the morning. When he came downstairs he was greeted by a table of gifts and we had invited family round for a breakfast of 'Pancakes and Presents.' Reuben gets a bit funny when all the attention is on him so it took him a while to warm up to opening them. Once he got going he found himself with a new scooter, a kite, kerplunk (or 'attention a la bille!' in French,) play-doh, walkie talkies, a gardening set, and extensions for his train set which his Nanna had sent from London. This included the 'curly whirly train track' which has been on his birthday list for a year.

After breakfast he built a mahoosive (Reuben's word) train track with Daddy and Nanna on Skype, but before he had time to play with it properly we kindly kicked him out the house so we could finish the cake and get the food ready for lunch. We had prepared a menu of tomato and avocado bruschetta, meatballs with Brie, melon and Parma ham, spinach and feta parcels, calamari, potato smilies and Reuben made popcorn for the first time. It may seem like a sophisticated menu for a 4th birthday but bear in mind most of the guests were adults! He played kerplunk and pass the parcel, blew bubbles with Jacob outside and practised riding his new scooter. The highlight had to be the cake and singing Happy Birthday. We Skyped Andrew's family in London and they all got to sing along with us and wish him Happy Birthday.

He had a great day. Thank you to all who bought him presents, for sending messages on Facebook, and for celebrating the day with us!

Becky x

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