Festival d'Art International de Parisot

It was a busy week last week hence the neglected blog! Summer is in full swing and we have had family and friends staying at my parents house and in a gîte nearby. In total there were 20 of us spanning 3 generations and it's been lovely seeing everyone mix, form friendships and cement existing ones. The boys have loved having so many people around and I know that Reuben is going to have withdrawal symptoms when everyone starts to leave.

This weekend was the 7th Festival d'Art International de Parisot, a three day festival of open house art including paintings, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, and mosaics, and on Friday and Saturday night there were free music concerts at the village café. The festival was started by my dad and two years ago he handed over the reigns to a local French artist. This year I was asked by the organiser, sculptor Jean-Marie Lopez, if I would cut the ribbon to open the festival, as a continuation from my dad being president and because we had just moved into the village. It was an honour to be a part of the opening ceremony and I was given a piece of the cut ribbon as a memento which I will frame. Our favourite artists of the weekend were sculptors Bernard Mages who creates wonderful art for your garden (we have two pieces already,) and Arnaud Elisabeth who makes magical objects including giant rings with iron, precious stones and wood.

The highlight of the weekend had to be the jazz concert on the Saturday night. The duo of voice and piano by Sophie le Morzadec and Xavier Gainch was inspiring and made even more so by our professional flautist friend Keith Waithe who asked if he could play a few pieces with them. They agreed and as great musicians do they improvised away to the excitement of the crowd. Little did we know that sat nearby was Jacq-André, a volunteer broadcaster for the local radio station CFM, and the following day an interview was arranged (by Keith's newly appointed French agent...moi!) It was Keith that first inspired me to take up the flute, and despite not having played for about 10 years he had me dusting off my flute case and playing again!

This weekend encompassed all that I love about France: family and friends, meeting new people, art, music, good food and wine, and kids being free. The chance meeting with Jacq-André shows the great possibilities here. How easy would it have been to get on the radio in the UK? It's been a truly inspirational weekend for our family, please feel free to share the things that have inspired you recently!

Becky x

Thank you to Ella Buckton who got the best picture of me cutting the ribbon!

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