Birthday crafts & traditions

We hoped that in moving to France we would have the time to be creative and start family traditions that we just didn't seem to have the time for back in London. Reuben's birthday was a great starting block and we want to share some of the things we did that we hope will continue for each birthday we celebrate.

Happy Birthday Banner
I've been longing to get my sewing machine out since I arrived here. I dragged it down from the loft especially to create the 'Birthday Banner.' I cut out the letters, with pinking shears, from scraps of IKEA fabric that used to be Reuben's cot bumper. I sewed along the top of the letters, which was more difficult than I thought it was going to be, as my sewing machine didn't like sewing the 'nothing' in between the letters. But with Andrew's help pulling it through it turned out ok as long as you don't look to closely! I originally wanted to make this in felt, as I think it may last longer, which I may still do if I ever get round to ordering some.
The Photo Wall of Ages
At Reuben's Montessori nursery in London, on their birthday the children were encouraged to bring in photos, one from each year of their life. It was fun searching through our vast collection of photos that we have stored on our computer and printing out a selection to stick on the wall. Jacob loved seeing his brother in various different poses, and Reuben loved seeing himself as a baby, especially the one of him swimming underwater. It may be too much to find a photo for every year that Andrew and I have been alive (though it would be a challenge!) but we will definitely do this for the kids.

Hands, Feet & Height
I'm gutted that I didn't start this when Reuben was born but better late than never. I remember my mum doing this for my brother and I and always wanted to do the same when I had kids. Every year, on our birthday, she would draw round one of our hands and feet, and take our height measurement on a chart. I will start a book of these measurements for Reuben and Jacob and it will be a wonderful way to show them how they grow each year.

Do you have any family birthday traditions?

Becky x

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