We've arrived!

We're here! We're in France! It was a long drive down and if you read our post on 'travelling with kids' you'll notice how I said I would never drive down with the boys again. But here we are a year later having just completed a two day drive. Reuben was so thrilled to finally be on the road to France and could just about contain his excitement as we drove the car onto 'Le Shuttle'. We let them loose whilst in the tunnel and they argued over who could 'drive' the car. Getting them back into their car seats was always going to be a challenge but by this point they were getting tired and conveniently fell asleep on route to Paris. You can see from the picture how packed the car was. I could just about see the boys beneath the mountain of suitcases!

We stopped for lunch at a service station where they again argued, this time over who could 'fly' the plane with Donald Duck. Reuben didn't eat enough lunch as he was too busy stretching his legs, but was hungry as soon as we got back in the car. Thank goodness for the bag of bananas, strawberries, rice cakes, raisins, croissants and fruit bars we brought for emergencies! By the time we were approaching our hotel in Orléans they had had enough. Jacob was crying and Reuben was on the endless rounds of 'are we there yet?' We checked in and headed off for a very quick dinner as the boys, refusing to sit nicely after a day of sitting, were causing havoc before we had even started our dinner. The lack of cot beds in the hotel and a bunk bed that was 'not suitable for under 6's' meant I had to endure a hot night in a bed with two sweaty boys, but we were all so tired we slept through.

We had a tricky moment on day 2 just before lunch when hunger and boredom set in, but a quick lunch at another service station where the boys got to watch a blown out tyre on a truck being changed soon got them back on track. They both slept in the afternoon at which point my Dad put his foot down and we ploughed on. We knew we could have trouble when they woke up, Jacob by this point was not happy being strapped in anymore and my Dad's solution was to start singing. I would have sung along with him but I was too busy laughing and I had no idea most of the time what he was singing. I didn't mind the 'boom shakalaka' but when he started the 'go compare' advert theme tune I threatened to throw him out the car! I can see this is going to be a regular thing throughout the summer. As soon as Jacob starts crying in the car now Reuben asks Grandad to sing!

Have you been travelling with kids? What are your top tips for keeping them entertained on long journeys?

Becky x

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