The view from the top

I wanted to share with you all one of my favourite places in the village. Right outside our door is a hill. At the top of that hill is a green space next to the church with a view that goes on for miles and miles. As a child, teenager, and adult, I have gone to this place, usually on my own. It would be the first place I would go to for my 'I'm here' moment. I sit, read, listen to music, contemplate life and the world I live in. The sea is 'over there' according to Reuben (it's not!) But it's great to imagine what could be over that hill or behind that group of trees. It's a fantastic place to go at night as you can see the entire night sky, the moon, the stars, including shooting stars and the Milky Way. Not forgetting the space ships that I soon realised were satellites and aeroplanes as I grew older! When Andrew started coming to the house it became our place to escape to and discuss the next chapter in our lives. Reuben has asked numerous times since we have been here to 'go up the top.' I know that the boys will come to love this spot too.

Where is your favourite view?

Becky x

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