I did it!

I had my driving test this morning and I'm really happy to say that I passed.
I had an early start to get some last minute practice in and I have to say that my driving during this lesson was pretty poor. The pre-test jitters were causing me to make easy mistakes and it didn't exactly fill me with a great deal of confidence for what I was about to do. Anyway, I'd done all I could and suddenly it was test time.

I was in the waiting room with about 10 other learners and their driving instructors, and one by one we were called up by our assessors. It felt like I was back in school waiting to be picked for a football match. I got a friendly chap who put me at ease quite quickly and on we went for the test. We got the 'show me tell me' out of the way with two questions I knew well and then we were off.

Overall the drive went pretty well. I felt quite nervous getting in to the car but once I started moving it was ok. Straight away he gave me a string of instructions that I didn't expect which really tested my slowly deteriorating memory skills. I completed a messy manoeuvre and about half way through we sparked up a conversation about work, kids, moving to France, and the problems in today's society in general. I hope my attempts to distract him from my driving were not too obvious! I then parked up for the last time and heard the magic words "I'm pleased to say you've passed". All that was left was to calm down and mop up the sweat that was dripping off me. What a relief!

This means so much as we can now concentrate fully on really making things work in France. I want to say a BIG thank you to Martin from BSM for pushing me and getting me through it.

France here we come!

Andrew :-)

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