Feels like we're on holiday

Reuben checking out the wheels at Caylus Brocante
It's hot! It hasn't dropped much below 30° since we arrived last week. Jacob has broken out in heat rash and sleeping at night for the boys is a bit hit and miss. It feels like we're on holiday though it's only the start of the season and I know it will get much busier soon. For now it's nice for the boys to be able to walk around the markets with us as over August they will become too crowded, for Jacob at least. We've been out every morning buying food, checking out antiques at a brocante (antique market,) taking the boys for walks and to a nearby playground. In the afternoons we hide from the sun, the paddling pool comes out, and we separate the boys until they learn to play nicely together!

My mum arrives tomorrow so today we're off to buy flowers to fill the courtyard pots and hanging baskets. It's lucky we didn't buy them earlier as last night we had a massive storm pass over us and anything we would have planted would have drowned! The storm meant dad missed out on 'Luther' again as when thunder and lightening is around the electricity tends to go. We also had the buckets under the chimneys as when it pours a small river runs past our door and water finds its way through every gap that can be found. The boys slept through it all thank goodness as our house seems to be soundproof, and all was restored in time for us to catch the Royal Baby on the news!

Becky x

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