Africajarc - an African festival in Cajarc

Africajarc is an African festival held annually in Cajarc, a small town on the river Lot. There is a four day programme of events including an impressive line up of African musicians on the big stage. The streets line themselves with stalls selling beautiful clothes made from African fabrics, jewellery and ornaments. We always park the car conveniently close to the food stalls selling delicious smelling rice and curries, but for some reason always end up in the same restaurant ordering pizza?! There is music during the day on smaller stages, open art galleries, cinema, and theatre for children.
Every year we say that we will return for the music and next year I really do want to (as soon as we have found some babysitters!) The festival is always busy during the day but you get the impression that nighttime is when the festival really comes to life. There are two evenings of music and on the final evening a 'Bal Africain' (African dance.) This year there was a night of music from Mali, including the musicians Ballake Sissoko and Fatoumata Diawara, and an Afro blues jazz night with Manu Dibango and Les Tambours de Brazza. (Check out the links to listen to some of the music.)

We strolled through the market and took a short walk along the river. I must admit I did envy the couples along the riverbank, silently lying next to each other, sleeping or reading a book, taking in the gentle flow of the river. We meanwhile were stopping Jacob from jumping into the river and Reuben, despite it being 34°, thought that when the wind blew it was cold!!

I love that a little bit of Africa finds its way to a little French town. It's important to us that our boys grow up understanding different cultures, and in particular Africa as they carry African blood (their Granddad is from Nigeria.) It is definitely a festival that we will return to year after year.

Do you have a festival that you always return to?

Becky x

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