NCT Nearly New Sales

If you ever have the need to get rid of unused baby equipment/toys/clothes, book a table at your local NCT Nearly New Sale. It's basically a table top sale specifically aimed those wanting to buy/sell baby things. The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is a charity that supports parents through pregnancy, birth and early childhood. There are local branches all over the UK and each varies in the services that they offer. Our local branch, Sutton, Epsom & District, is very active with courses, playgroups, sales and other events held throughout the year. We have used its services and I have been a volunteer ever since we were pregnant with Reuben. The nearly new sales are great as anyone who has children will know that toys are expensive, some ridiculously so. Andrew and I booked a table and hoped that we would at least get our money back for the cost of the table.

The sales can be dangerous places. There are those that browse and hang around till the end for the bargains. And then there are those who know exactly what they want and are in and out like a flash, knocking everyone out the way as they wade through the crowds with their nursing pillow/baby walker/moses basket. We had various items that we wanted to get rid of. Clothes we had in boxes at 50p each. We discovered we had five snowsuits (one not even worn) and managed to sell one. Both our baby slings went at £5 each. We sold our lovely fluffy Itti Bitti washable nappy set to a pregnant couple who wanted to go down the eco friendly route (we tried with both but I couldn't keep up with the washing and at times it did get a bit messy!) The little pram (blue of course) that Reuben loved pushing around when he was little went. The nightlight that projected stars onto the ceiling that was supposed to get Jacob to sleep but most nights kept him awake because he liked to point and play with the stars went. We had a good day and came away with a profit and a smaller number of boxes.

I'm usually a buyer at these sales and admit I did walk around a few times and could have quite easily parted with some cash. But I was good and managed to spend only 50p on a Thomas train carrier for Reuben (not including the tea and cupcakes from the cake stand next to us to keep us going.) This may seem like a good buy but when I brought it to him thinking he would be thrilled he said he didn't want it and hasn't used it since. That'll teach me!

Becky x

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