Learning to drive

The reaction from most people when I tell them I'm moving to France is along the lines of "you must be crazy. Giving up a good job and good money to move to a country where you have no job and can't even speak the language!" Usually by the end of the conversation most people understand why we are doing it and some even want to come with us. It does feel a bit crazy and it is a risk but it also feels like absolutely the right thing to do and the best time to do it. Reuben is just about to go to big school and we don't want to be working our derrières off to live month to month and only see each other for 5 minutes. France will give us a better quality of life where we get to spend time together, eat good food together and grow together as a family.

There is however (as Becky continuously reminds me as if I don't already know) lots to do. Apart from the obvious - learn french; find employment and an income; get health insurance, school and residency sorted out; and start a business. Fairly small things I think you'd agree! I also need to learn to drive.

Although I was given driving lessons for birthdays and had plenty of opportunities to get it done, I instead, in my infinite youthful wisdom, spent my time partying, socialising and engaging in far more important things other than committing myself to meaningful and useful activities that would better myself and improve my future prospects. As I got older it was a case of time, money and the convenience of public transport that prevented me from spending hundreds of pounds on something I didn't really need.

So here I am, an old dog trying to learn new tricks. I started by booking my theory test. After studying religiously on my hour long journeys to and from work I sat the test and failed by 2 points. I only managed to get half way through the theory app I was using and it just so happened that I was given questions I'd never seen before. Anyway I persevered and passed the second time round. Phew! What a relief. By this time I had already started my driving lessons (cue cheesy picture!).

After shopping around I got a good deal with BSM and feel quite lucky that I got a down-to-earth no-nonsense driving instructor who had me driving on main roads and dual carriage ways by the second lesson. I've been cramming in the lessons and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I've already got my test booked so there's no going back now. This is one crucial box that needs to be ticked so that we can make a living and live the life we want to in France. Wish me luck!

Andrew :-)

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