4 weeks left!!

This time in 4 weeks we'll be in France! Aaaggh! I'm entering into slight panic mode as I think about all the things we should be sorting out. June was supposed to be my month for looking into things like health insurance, car insurance (for the car we don't yet have,) business insurance and getting documents translated. I've only just sent off my driving licence to change my surname from maiden to married. Instead we are currently spending our evenings getting our french business websites up and running so that we can start drumming up some interest.

Reuben is desperate to get out there. It's hard to know how much he understands about the concept of time...'is it still 5 weeks mummy?' We've been talking to him about the move so much he's ready to 'get on the train that you can put the car on.' 

Yes you read that correctly. For those of you that have read the travelling with kids post I said that I would never drive down to the house again. But Andrew is coming out slightly later than me and the kids as he finishes work the week after we leave, and there is no way you would get me on a plane with the boys on my own. My dad decided he was going to drive down on the 17th July so we are going with him. We're just deciding whether to do the journey in 2 days, or be really stupid and spend one long day travelling.

What do you think? One day of travelling hell or two?!

Becky x

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  1. Sooo exciting! Can't wait to hear about your business! Xxxxx


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