Reuben learning French

Reuben has been attending the Montessori Children's House since he was 2. Knowing that we would be going France on a regular basis we decided to sign him up to Petit Poucet French lessons which take place every Monday morning at his nursery. Initially I wasn't sure what he would get out of the French lessons, if he would enjoy them, or if he would take anything in. One day last year at home I suddenly heard Reuben counting, whilst he was playing, in French. I was amazed, and excited, as we had not done any French with him at home, so what he was recounting had all been picked up at nursery. He has since come home with other French words, like colours, and parts of the body.

Reuben is now 3 and a half. His most recent end of term report showed that he has an interest for the language, can answer simple questions, and knows some/most of the basic words. He likes adding to the existing vocabulary, using new words, and his behaviour is excellent!

Reuben's end of term certificate

It's amazing to hear your child speak another language and it's encouraging to know that he can pick it up even with so little input from home. I can't deny that I worry about him settling it at school in France, as from September he will go full time. I hope that the French lessons he has had up till now will give him a small amount of confidence. When we were there at Easter he was quite happy running round saying 'bonjour' to neighbours in the village, and had no problem playing with our neighbour's little girl of the same age (he spoke English, she spoke French!) I think his biggest concern at the moment is that he will be a 'lunchie' (staying at school for lunch) instead of being a 'homie' (coming home for lunch.)

Becky x


  1. He will settle in so quickly, Becky! You will be amazed. Just think: I came to England when I was 6 and even I settled within weeks. At such a young age you learn so quickly. And he will go to a lovely little local school with loads of support. It will be theodt wonderful thing for him and o am so excited to hear all about it!

  2. Thanks Vanessa. It is amazing how quickly kids pick things up. The school is really lovely and I'm sure once he settles into the routine he'll be fine. Will definitely keep you up to date with all that goes on!


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