I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Brown family Andrew took Reuben to a local funfair and they came back with a goldfish. I was away for the weekend and by the time I came back he had his own tank and place on top of the chest of drawers. I've never had a pet and I must admit to begin with I wasn't totally on board about having a fish, but it's amazing how something can grow on you so quickly. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and instead of checking on the kids I'm checking to see if the fish is still alive and swimming happily! It's great for Reuben. He happily takes responsibility for feeding him twice a day, and now that he has his little net he comes home from school informing me that the water is looking a little cloudy and is ready and waiting to fish it out so we can change the water. Fish now has gravel in his tank, various stones that we have collected from parks and down by the river Thames, and a plastic fish to keep him company. I've tried to get Reuben to call it something other than fish but he came out with 'well we could call it Jacob...but I'm going to call it fish.' I'm not sure that fish will make the journey to France but I think we will definitely end up having fish of some kind in our new life in France.

Becky x

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