Easter in France

This Easter we had a 10 day trip planned to the house before the big move in the Summer. I don't think we've ever been down at a time when we've had to wear winter coats. It was cold. We left the UK on the day the clocks changed, so not only did we lose an hour but it was also Easter Sunday, a day when everything is closed. We managed to lose our boarding passes at the airport, and the car my dad had hired for us was too small for 4 adults, 2 kids and car seats and had to be upgraded. But we managed to make it to the house in one piece.

Cold and grey

Our plan for the holiday was to start networking, find a venue for business, and talk to the school about enrolling Reuben for September. What we ended up doing was run around after Reuben and Jacob for 10 days. Jacob loves the freedom and space of a bigger house but is not quite able to navigate the stairs yet. Reuben is at an age where he seems to need entertaining most of the time.

At least the sofa fit through the window!

A highlight was getting all our boxes delivered by Mick. In contrast to the departure in snow in London our things arrived on a sunny day. We enlisted the help of some friends to help unload the van. Reuben could not contain his excitement of his train set arriving and made a bee-line for it as soon as he saw it on the van. We had somehow managed to lose the key to our house and so everything had to be brought through my parents' house next door (through the adjoining door.) The boxes weren't a problem but the piano had to be carried off the van and up and down two sets of stairs (not something we had been quoted for but Mick was very good about the whole thing.) The sofa as you can see easily fit through the window! Rather than unpack everything and it gather dust for the next 4 months we decided to leave everything in boxes, ready and waiting for our arrival in the Summer.

Becky x

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