Packing up the house

We’ve lived in our little house for 5 years. When Andrew and I moved in we were able to do so in two car loads. Over the years we have acquired quite a lot of stuff, and when you start packing you realise how much of this stuff you actually use in your day-to-day life, and how much of it just sits in cupboards and lies in drawers, not really doing very much.

We had one child free day to try and sort everything out and it quickly became apparent that we take very different approaches to packing. I’m good at sorting things out and piling things up (or making a mess as Andrew puts it,) while Andrew is better at packing and space managing the boxes (clearing up after me!) There were boxes coming to France with us, boxes to store in parents’ lofts, and boxes of things to sell and take charity shops. We have vowed that from now on we will have a yearly ‘Spring clean,’ a proper sort out getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used over the past year.

If anyone else is thinking of a big move, here are our top 5 tips for packing up the house...

1. When ordering packing boxes, estimate how many you'll need...then double it!

2. Don't spend a fortune on packing boxes. We got second hand boxes from Freecycle, Cartons Direct and local shops.

3. If it hasn't been used in the past year...get rid of it.

4. If you have children we think it's important that they are included in the process and pack a box of their own things to take.

5. It takes longer than you think. Have treats to keep you going, but save the wine until the job is done, it will only slow you down!

Becky and Andrew x

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